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About iZettle

Want to take payments the easy way?  Have a look at iZettle.
Businesses all over the UK are signing up to iZettle in their thousands.  It's easy to see why.  Traditionally taking credit cards meant long sign up processes, contracts running into years, high machine rental costs and even sometimes sneaky hidden transaction costs.
iZettle turns all of that on its head.  You get:
  • Low hardware purchase cost (currently £29 for the first device) with no monthly rental.
  • Competitive straightforward percentage charges from 2.75% down to 1% based on transaction volume (details on website here) for Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • No other fees, contracts or commitments.
  • Chip & PIN, swipe, contactless and Apple Pay built in.

Best of all, iZettle integrates with powerful easy to use POS systems like Kounta and Vend for lightning fast transactions and no Z Reads to reconcile.

The free iZettle app does provide a very basic POS system in itself which is suitable for some very small businesses with limited requirements.  We're happy to quote to help you set this up.  Contact us if you're interested in this.


Special offer.  All customers signing up for iZettle by clicking below can currently get a card reader and dock for £45 plus VAT, a saving of £23 over standard iZettle prices.