Working Across SW England And S Wales

General Mac Support And Hourly Rates

Member Of Apple Consultants Network
With over 5 years of experience supporting Macs we are proud to be one of the few members of the Apple Consultants Network in our area.  
We can provide all manner of support with Macs from general troubleshooting and issues with printers etc through to networking and setup.  We're also happy to work with you on your new Mac purchases and work closely with the local Apple Stores to make sure you get the right solution for your business or home.

Hourly Rates 

Our hourly charges are simple.  We charge £50 plus VAT per hour with a minimum charge of 1 hour. If you are also signing up for any of our Partner Apps, we offer a 30% discount on this.
Outside of normal business hours, this rate is increased to £70 per hour.


If you feel you may need our support regularly, we offer a retainer arrangement.  We charge £35 plus VAT per month by direct debit (which includes your first hour for that month-hours can be "rolled over" for up to three months).  Further hours are then also charged at £35.
Retainer customers can expect a response within 3 working hours and where necessary, a visit within 1 working day.
Charging increments are to the nearest 15 minutes, with a minimum 60 minutes for onsite work. 
Please get in touch if you'd like to work with us.