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Which Printer?

You can see all the printers compatible with your choice of POS system by choosing the system from our homepage and then choosing Printer under Type.

For most systems, there are basically three choices:

  1. "LAN" networked printers.  These are generally the best choice for busy environments as they are the fastest, with very little lag.  They do, however, need to be connected with a cable to the router which provides your WiFi for your iPad till. and there may be some network configuration involved (we can help with this)  Wireless adapters are available, but our experience with these is too mixed for us to recommend (or sell) them.  This is your only option if you intend to "share" printers between more than one till. All the currently available LAN printers are mains powered.
  2. Mains Bluetooth printers.  These operate in a similar way to LAN printers but Bluetooth is used to communicate directly with one iPad rather than working over your network, so they are far simpler to setup.  They tend to be more expensive than LAN printers.
  3. Rechargeable Bluetooth printers.  These are small portable printers which typically print onto "credit card receipt" sized 58mm till rolls.  They're a great choice if you're mobile seller or don't have easy access to power.  Unlike the other two options, these can't be used with an automatic cash drawer.

A new choice coming onto the market is the Star mPOP integrated printer available without barcode scanner or with barcode scanner.  These are fantastically neat and great for stores looking for a sleek look.